Access powerful stock research for thousands of ASX and global stocks

It's independent
Unbiased factual research
that makes investing in shares simple.
It's easy to use
Simple, intuitive and clear visual representation of company financials.
It highlights opportunities
Proactively highlights investment opportunities for all investor types - growth, income, speculative.
It's cloud based
Available across all computing devices.

Discover powerful stock research capabilities with ShareAnalysis

Class-leading stock research tools

ShareAnalysis has everything you need to make smarter decisions for your share portfolio.

Experience company fundamentals in world-first visuals, build filters to find new stocks to buy and be alerted when you need to sell shares.

See company fundamentals in world-first visuals

Experience simple, intuitive and clear visual representations of company financials.

ShareAnalysis’s stock evaluation screens tell the story of a company in a unique visual format that makes it simple to understand a company’s fundamentals and answer the main evaluation questions.

With ShareAnalysis, understanding a company’s balance sheet and cash flow statement is a breeze.

A 5-star rating system for stocks

The ShareAnalysis Score interprets the quality of a company’s balance sheet, and examines year-to-year changes in its economic performance.

The rating system makes it easy to spot top stocks and avoid disasters.

Keep an eye on your portfolio

Instantly see an estimate of your portfolio’s worth in the future and how much income you could receive in dividends.

You can even receive an email when you need to place a buy or sell trade.

Build filters to find top stocks to buy

Whether you’re an investor seeking income through dividends, are focused on high growth stocks or a combination of both, you can build a stock filter to pick out the best shares for your portfolio.

Compare stocks side-by-side

Load your favourite stocks into ShareAnalysis compare tool then start comparing the earnings, dividends, debt, return on equity, cash flows and future growth forecasts for up to 15 stocks side-by-side.

With company fundamentals – earnings, dividends, profitability, cash flow, valuations and share price – displayed side-by-side, it’s really simple to spot the best stocks for your portfolio.

Access global stocks markets

Whether you like beautiful colours or raw data, however you look at global stock markets in ShareAnalysis, it’s easy to reel in the top stocks and throw back wealth-destroying companies.

You can see the whole Australian market plus thousands of global companies listed on stock markets across North America, Asia and Europe.

Key Benefits

✔ Independent, unbiased, factual research

✔ Simple, intuitive and clear to use

✔ Highlights opportunities through powerful filtering tools

✔ All ASX stocks covered plus over 16,000 global stocks

✔ Accessible anywhere on any device

✔ Online, phone and email support