High Conviction Model Portfolios

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Mainstreet manages three high conviction, ten stock portfolios, selected specifically from the ASX 200. The three portfolios have differing investment mandates targeting Income, Growth and Balanced (a mix of income and growth) return objectives.

High Conviction Portfolios – Outperforming Benchmarks

Utilising the collective experience of our investment team, and supported by the ShareAnalysis quantitative system, we select stocks that fulfil the required investment criteria for each of our portfolio mandates.

ShareAnalysis’ quantitative ability to screen and filter thousands of stocks to deliver Quality and Performance ratings, as well as a Safety Margin and Intrinsic Value for each stock. ShareAnalysis significantly enhances our ability to select and actively monitor each stock, in each portfolio and assist us in delivering superior investment returns relative to our selected benchmarks.

The table below displays the performance of our three portfolios since they were created (inception date 31/12/2016) as well as a rolling 12-month performance – all-inclusive of dividends. As highlighted below, all three portfolios have been performing well and have significantly outperformed their relative benchmarks.

The Growth portfolio has outperformed the benchmark by 7% over the last year and has achieved an outstanding performance of just under 15% since inception, which is more than double the return achieved by the ASX 300.

The Balanced portfolio has outperformed the benchmark by 3.3% over the past twelve months and a modest outperformance of 4.9% compared to the benchmark.

While the Income portfolio has fallen short relative to benchmark over the last 12 months, it has outperformed the benchmark since inception by over 3.1%.

                                 *Inception date: 31/12/2016

Our High Conviction portfolios are only available to our Platinum subscribers, who also receive a monthly newsletter that examines the performance of each portfolio along with a stock attribution analysis, market insights and company fact sheets articulating the basis of their inclusion in the portfolio.

Alternatively, you can build your own portfolio utilising the ShareAnalysis global research platform.

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