Money Magazine Cover Story: ShareAnalysis’ Top Stocks for 2019

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For seven successive years ShareAnalysis has identified a top 50 list of stocks and refined that group into a Top 5 Stock Portfolio for Money magazine.

This year, just as in 2018, we struggled to find value in the Australian market, so we expanded our investment universe into international markets. As our clients are aware, we cover eight international markets and have grown our coverage from over 4000 stocks to more than 8000  over the past 12 months, and still growing. These markets include the US, the Uk, Europe, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and Singapore.

For 2019, the Mainstreet Team, using the ShareAnalysis fundamental research platform, has selected the following five stocks from a global universe of potential investments, to create its Top 5 Stock Portfolio:

  • Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co Ltd Class H (HKE : 338)
  • Intel Corporation (NAS : INTC)
  • Pfizer Inc (NYS : PFE)
  • Facebook Inc (NAS : FB)
  • Oracle Corporation (NYS : ORCL)

The process we follow to pick 5 top stocks each year is simple… It’s also devoid of human opinion and emotion. First, we build a criteria based filter in ShareAnalysis that identifies top stocks positioned to deliver future growth, then we rank them by specific metrics. The ones that come out on top typically form the Top 5.

The Mainstreet team also identified 50 of the best stocks for the year ahead using ShareAnalysis’ fundamental research platform, available in Money magazine’s February 2019 issue .