ShareAnalysis Top 5 Stocks for 2019 Outperforming Australian Benchmarks

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Its only February, but the Top 5 are already ahead of the curb!

For seven successive years ShareAnalysis has identified a top 50 list of stocks and refined that group into a Top 5 Stock Portfolio for Money magazine.

For 2019, the Mainstreet Team, using the ShareAnalysis fundamental research platform, has selected the following five stocks from a global universe of potential investments, to create its Top 5 Stock Portfolio:

  • Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co Ltd Class H (HKE : 338)
  • Intel Corporation (NAS : INTC)
  • Pfizer Inc (NYS : PFE)
  • Facebook Inc (NAS : FB)
  • Oracle Corporation (NYS : ORCL)

ShareAnalysis’ Top 5 Stocks for 2019 have already raced ahead of Australian and Global Benchmarks in their first month since the portfolio’s inception. A key standout is Facebook (US) which has seen a 20.6% increase in Share price. The Top 5 Portfolio as a whole has delivered 11.5% growth since inception, leaving the S&P/ASX 200 (Up 8.3%), eating its dust.

This is a prime example of the advantages in investing internationally whilst leveraging off of the new ShareAnalysis Global Research Database. Expanding investment Universes into global markets allows for a greater volume of viable investment opportunities which may result in a better return on investment than a closed minded approach towards explicitly domestic investments. 

The Mainstreet Team started the portfolio with an initial investment of $113,304 after rolling on realised gains accumulated over previous annual Top 5 Stock portfolios. That initial investment for 2019 would today be worth $126,490. That’s a gain of over $13,000 in less than two months!

Stay Tuned in to the ShareAnalysis Blog to find out how the Mainstreet team developed their investment criteria and selected the portfolio using The ShareAnalysis System’s stock filters.

(Above figures mentioned in this article have been calculated in Australian Dollars, taking the effects of foreign exchange into account. All figures are as at 20/02/2019 and exclude brokerage fees, paid dividends and franking credits and therefore may not be repeatable in actuality.) 

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