Like and Dislike stocks

Vote for stocks and share your opinions with other ShareAnalysis members.

Like/Dislike is a voting system that allows you to share your opinion about a particular stock with your fellow members. Vote ‘Like’ if you hold a favourable opinion about the company, or ‘Dislike’ if you don’t believe its worthy of a place in your share portfolio.

To ‘Like’ a company, hover your mouse over the Like/Dislike area in Fast Facts, or at the top of the Evaluate screens, and click the thumbs up.

ShareAnalysis will register your vote and adjust the number of total Likes for the stock.

When you vote for a stock, your vote is registered and depending on whether you voted for Like or Dislike, your vote is indicated by shading.

No vote

A white background indicates you haven’t yet voted for the stock.


A dark background on thumbs upindicates you have ‘Liked’ the company.


A dark background on thumbs down indicates you have ‘Disliked’ the company.

To remove your vote, hover your mouse over the ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’ button and click to deselect. ShareAnalysis will remove the background shading and reduce the number of Like or Dislike votes for the stock.

See how your fellow ShareAnalysis members are voting at

Voting rules

Voting for stocks is purely voluntary and the following points should be noted:

•  The number of likes and dislikes indicated represent the number of ShareAnalysis Community Members that have expressed a preference regarding that stock.

•  A Member may select ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ once only for each individual stock but you are free to change your selection at any time.

•  The number of likes and dislikes should not be considered to be an endorsement of a stock, a recommendation or financial product advice.

•  ShareAnalysis expresses no view regarding the numbers indicated and does not endorse these numbers. ShareAnalysis expressly warns against basing any investment decision on what a Member considers is indicated by this feature.

•  Other Member’s motivations for clicking like or dislike are unknown and may be contrary to what they actually think.

•  While ShareAnalysis has certain technology solutions implemented to limit each Member’s ability to select like or dislike to 1 selection per stock, these technology solutions may able to be circumvented and accordingly ShareAnalysis makes no warranty as to the accuracy of what is indicated by this feature.

•  You are responsible for your own investment decisions. While ShareAnalysis and the Community is designed to help you acquire information which may help you in making those decisions, you are solely responsible for analysing and verifying any information you intend to rely on.

•  ShareAnalysis retains the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any like or dislike selections and permanently ban those who seek to breach the rules, prescribed etiquette and legal guidelines.

•  You acknowledge and agree that your participation in the Community and the use of this feature, the website and content is entirely at your own risk.

•  ShareAnalysis staff do not have permission to vote for stocks.

Join the discussion

Share your opinions and insights with your fellow ShareAnalysis members.

You can add your comments to ShareAnalysis’s news and blog posts.

Scroll down to the bottom of an article to add your thoughts. When you’re done, click Post to share your comments with the ShareAnalysis community.

General etiquette

1. As a valued Member of the Community we welcome and encourage you to post comments on the website via the discussion facility provided. While posts are not designed to provide a forum for the airing of personal grievances, they do allow you and other Members to exchange views on stocks, trading strategies and the investing market.

2. To help us maintain an environment that’s constructive and safe, we want you to understand the Community guidelines to which you agree when visiting, please take a moment to review the following important information.

What we encourage

• Positive participation: This Community was established exclusively for you and other Members to stimulate positive conversation, so join in the discussion.

• Disclosure: Make other Members aware of any interests you may have in the securities you comment on, and any significant role you may have within any company that you’re posting in a discussion.

• Discretion: When discussing product information avoid breaching defamation, libel, slander and anti-trust laws

• Respect: All items listed in the disclaimers and legal rules contained herein. Members to show respect for the Community and each other.

• Vigilance: All Members can if they choose to reproduce your posts unless you expressly request otherwise, so be careful what you post.

• Clarity: Clearly headlined information should accurately reflect your post content which should be easy to both read and search on, while allowing Members to respond more appropriately to your postings.

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What we discourage

• Spruiking: Using posts to promote yours or someone else’s business.

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• Ramping or derailing: Bumping a thread without adding new information will be deleted, similarly avoid disrupting the constructive discussion of the current subject.

Community guidelines and legal stuff

Guidelines and legal stuff for Mainstreet members participating in the community.

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You must read and accept these Terms and Conditions of use in order to access the Mainstreet Community (the Community). By accepting these Terms and Conditions of use, you are agreeing to be subject to them, and any other notices or limitations contained on this website. These Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time without notice to you. You should periodically revisit this page to stay familiar with these Terms and Conditions.

The Community was established to stimulate positive conversation between our members (Members). Employees, officers and our agents (the Mainstreet Team) may also post comments.

The legal stuff

By accessing the Community, you agree to the following:

1. You understand that only financially current members are entitled to post comments

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3. You will not have any access to an ASIC-approved dispute resolution scheme if you rely on any Member postings

4. As you are personally responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the content you post (including any alternations you make to postings), you must not include misleading or deceptive information or use the posts to engage in unauthorised or illegal activity.

5. You acknowledge that serious penalties apply for posting material that is misleading or deceptive, or that amounts to market manipulation or insider trading.

6. The offering of financial services or securities to the Community, posting as a licensed investment adviser, or posting commercial messages by Members is prohibited.

7. Information, including your identity and the content of your posts, may be made available to government agencies including Federal and State police and ASIC. The police, ASIC or other Community Members may take action against you.

8. While links to external sites are allowed, those endorsing commercial products/services, soliciting of business, unauthorised promotions and links to other stock market blogging posts (without prior consent) will be rejected. If you include links to external sites, you may be seen as endorsing the material on such websites. It may be advisable for you to warn people accessing other websites that you do not endorse or take responsibility for material in the linked sites.

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12. Securities cannot be offered to you for sale or issue through Community postings.

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Disclaimers, Liability & Indemnification

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4. We retain the right, in its sole discretion, to remove posts of an illegal, unauthorised, threatening, discriminatory or potentially defamatory nature, and permanently ban those who seek to breach the rules, prescribed etiquette and legal guidelines.

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