Market Insights: Global Newsletter

Gold members are provided with a monthly, 10 page publication which discusses world events and their impacts on global markets. The Mainstreet team also highlights and investigates four international stocks each month from each of the respective global markets, included in the Global Newsletter. 

ShareAnalysis Global Equities Research Database

The ShareAnalysis system analyses and provides ratings for over 10,000 stocks across 8 global Markets including: Australia, The US, The UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Canada, Switzerland and Japan.

Market Insights: Blogs

Weekly posts on local and international market developments, the implications of geopolitical events on investments and much more.


Conferences and Roadshows

Quarterly live events held around Australia. Meet the team and hear from Equity market veterans.

Over the phone tutorials and general support

Our member experience team stands by ready to help, 5 days a week from 9am to 5:30pm Sydney time. 


More information coming soon…